Friday Varia and Quick Hits

We’re have a bit of a late fall resurgence this week in North Dakotaland after some snowy winter days. That means, everyone is out gathering the leaves that we buried under the snow and students were back in flip flops and shorts before temperatures slip back into more seasonally appropriate ranges. 

In other news, you may have heard that The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota published a book this week, Eric Burin’s Protesting on Bended Knee: Race, Dissent, and Patriotism in 21st century America. Check out an interview with Eric over at our local Pravda, UND Today or download (or buy) the book here

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Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s wintertime on the Northern Plains with a lovely blanket of snow on the ground and just a bit of cold in the air. It’s perfect weather for football, reading in a comfortable chair by the fire, and watching cricket matches taking place in much warmer climate.

It’s also nature’s way to remind me that I need to start to chip away at some larger projects that are looming on the horizon and bring a bunch of the lingering summertime work to close. With the changing seasons come changing priorities, changing deadlines, and changing attitudes.

One thing that doesn’t change, though, are my Friday varia and quick hits:

 IMG 3351

IMG 3352

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

I’m sitting by the fire drinking coffee as a wet and heavy snow falls over North Dakotaland. Winter is here! 

Fortunately, It’s well over 30 so I won’t have to shovel, but I do worry about the trees and the folks out driving on the beet campaign. Wet and sloppy roads make a long night of driving challenging.

For the rest of us, it feels like a good day to stay indoors, and, if possible, focus on some reading and writing.

Here are some quick hits and varia for the first days of winter:

IMG 3300

Friday Quick Hits and Varia

Fall is starting to give way to early winter here in North Dakotaland with a brief moment of something frozen falling from the sky yesterday and temperatures that dip into the upper 20s predicted for tonight. It’s been a long, warm summer, but I think most of us survived to hibernate yet another year.

It’s also an intriguing weekend for sports with the big Ohio State – Penn State game on Saturday night. The NASCAR guys trying their luck at the “roval” in Charlotte and the Formula 1 kids are in Russia. For Carson Wentz related reasons, the Eagles will be on TV here in Grand Forks. It should be an entertaining way to put the last couple week’s of the Phillies season behind me and get warmed up for the start of Australia’s summer cricket season on October 7.

Despite the packed schedule, I’m leaving a little time for short list of quick hits and varia:

IMG 3256

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

This week went from the last gasp of summer to well-and-truly fall-like in one long and rainy afternoon. The cooler temperatures are introducing us to the leading edge of winter with frosts around the corner and a bit less dog fur to clean up around the house. 

It also means that baseball is wrapping up, football is underway, and things are starting to get serious in NASCAR and (as much as they can) in Formula 1. Cricket is starting down under and the first test of the summer is just weeks away. The semester has hit its stride and the excitement of new classes and new projects has given way to the grind of “doin’ work.”

Hopefully there’s still time for some quick hits and varia:

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Friday Varia and Quick Hits

Low, grey skies set off the changing colors of the leaves this time of year in North Dakotaland. It’s fall. There’s football on TV and the daily struggle to decide whether to break out the sweaters or not. Cricket and Formula 1 are gearing up warmer places, and, at the same time, it’s the sweet middle of the semester when I feel like I’m in my groove and the students are not quite overextended.

(As a cricket related aside, I watched a good bit of Alistair Cook’s final innings for England and thorough enjoyed it. That he left the game the way that he arrived is great to see and I can’t help but wonder whether with his retirement, we’ve witnessed the end of the era of deliberate openers in test cricket.)

It’s a great time of year and a nice backdrop for some quick hits and varia:

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

I finally feel like I’m getting into the groove of the semester and good things are falling into place. And with college football starting, the Formula 1 championship getting interesting, and baseball falling to it traditional September rhythm, it feels like fall semester.

Next week will be a bit hectic for me with some travel, but I hope to have at least a few updates on the blog.

I do have on favor to ask, in the meantime, if you’re on The Twitters and like my other little venture, The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota, can you go and follow us on Twitter?

For now (over the long weekend for my American readers), here are some quick hits and varia:

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

The school year is upon us with fall rains, the first changing color in the trees, and the dazed look of a new group of undergraduates arriving in Grand Forks, the capital of my little neighborhood in North Dakotaland. There are many reasons to be cheerful!

The bustle of the week cut into my random web surfing time and impoverished my quick hits and varia, but those that I do have, I’ll share with you.



Friday Varia and Quick Hits

The smoke from the wildfires in British Columbia will bathe Grand Forks in strangely their strange amber light this weekend and will only add to the fall-like crispness of the morning air. Fortunately, distant fires, amber light, and morning crispness is “weather appropriate” for the first week of classes. 

This weekend will be the last time to catch my breath after a hectic summer and before what will even be a more hectic fall. Fortunately, the Bristol night race, some intriguing pennant races, and a couple good books will give me plenty to distract me from the simmering apocalypse of winter outside the windows.

As a smokey fall descends across our fair land, please enjoy these quick hits and varia:

IMG 2957

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

Summer is having its last gasp this weekend here in North Dakotaland and taunting us with temperatures in the 90s and a kind of murky humidity that we don’t get very often here on the Northern Plains. My plan is to stay inside and to handle odds and ends before classes start on August 21st. Some of this involves finishing projects that I designated for the summer, some of this involves getting a running start into the summer, and some of this involves topping off the batteries before the semester begins. 

Of course, there will be some books and reading. 

(And some scheming on some new projects.)

And some quick hits and varia:

IMG 2550Frog Days