Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s been a pretty exciting week at Archaeology of the Mediterranean World headquarters. We saw the first sustained snow, I started pecking away at a long overdue project, wrapped up a conference paper (next week!), published a collection of reprints from North Dakota Quarterly, and watched the start of David Warner’s mighty double century

Despite all the excitement, I have had some time to grab a gaggle of quick hits and varia. 

IMG 4037IMG 4036What?

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s snowing back home in Grand Forks, but only damp and cool here in Duluth where the sea and sky cover us with a grey blanket. I think this weather will provide lovely backdrop for a little exploration of coast of Lake Superior. (To be honest, I’ve never spent much time near the Great Lakes other than a couple of visits to Chicago. Who knew they were so big?).

This weekend looks full of interesting sport with Ohio State and the Eagles having evening games. I was initially worried that these might conflict with the last two days of the Australia – New Zealand test match. The way it looks now, I might be wrong. 

Whichever side you’re pulling for (unless it’s the Cowboys) this weekend, enjoy this little gaggle of quick hits and varia:

IMG 3820I’ll just wait here until supper.

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

The long, last legs of summer have finally run out, and today is genuinely a fall Friday with highs in the 50s and blue-grey skies. Weather like this will provide a nice evening for trick-or-treaters and make it just a bit easier to clean up the last of the fall leaves from the backyard this weekend.

If you’re one of those “varia and quick hit only” people (we call them viquickihos), you might want to roll back and see the interesting conversation and comments on the last two blog posts on writing for a non-academic audience.

If you’re only here for the archaeology, check out the nice work from the folks at Open Context who have a snazzy new front-end and (I’ve been told) a fancy new back-end (not that I’m looking). Here’s how our PKAP data now looks

Hope everyone has a spooky and autumnal weekend!

IMG 3911

IMG 3908

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

After a spectacular week of warm temperatures and fall colors, we’re enjoying a rainy Friday perfect for knocking the dust of harvest and autumn from the air. 

The end of the week will provide some excitement as well with the North Dakota is Everywhere poetry reading tonight, a new podcast dropped on Thursday, the U.S. Grand Prix on Sunday (regrettably opposite Talladega for the NASCAR guys). Richmond plays the mighty Dukes of James Madison (with College Game Day on hand!), the Buckeyes get Rutgers on Saturday night, and the weekend wraps up with the resurgent Eagles playing the undefeated Panthers on Sunday night. Phew. Full slate of fun and games. 

Despite the building up, I did have time to produce a list of quick hits and varia for your half-time, yellow flag, safety car, reading enjoyment:


Friday Varia and Quick Hits (on a Thursday)

I know it’s only Thursday, but I couldn’t resist sending out a small gaggle of Friday varia and quick hits for your reading pleasure. I’m booked into Prairie Foliage Tour tomorrow and will be out of the loop

… no not really…

I’ll be at a meeting of the North Dakota Humanities Council in Bismarck.

Before the usual list, here’s the link to John Oliver’s piece on North Dakota from his Last Week Tonight show on HBO. I thought it was funny, but perhaps not as nuanced as it could have been. The reality, of course, is both far more terrifying and not nearly as bad.

IMG 3871 copyMilo’s View of NASCAR

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s a fall Friday and homecoming week here in North Dakotaland and the leaves are changing and the air is cool and crisp. We turned on our little gas fireplace yesterday night here at Archaeology of the Mediterranean World headquarters. 

Nothing is better than sitting in a cosy office on a fall Friday and avoiding work by reading some varia and quick hits. (If you get through these quick hits too quickly, be sure to check out the newly released North Dakota Quarterly archive or listen to our Caraheard podcast or check out the latest interview on Prairie Public with the translators of K. J. Skarstein’s War with the Sioux!)

IMG 3848It’s fall, and the flokati beckons with the scent of a thousand goats.

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

Fall has sprung this week in North Dakotaland with cool nights and mild days. It’s a lovely time to sell a car, struggle through a late summer cold, hurt one’s back, or even contemplate the enormity of the universe. It was also a good week for writing and preparing a list quick hits and varia.

Oh, it’s been quite a week for my good friend Dimitri Nakassis who finally became a MacArthur Fellow. Dimitri is one of the really good people in archaeology, and I this prestigious award could not have gone to a better person. Congratulations!  

MilosWorldIt’s Milo’s world, and we are just allowed to play in it.

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s the first fall Friday of 2015, and the leaves are just beginning to change here in North Dakotaland. That means that we might start to enjoy some cool evenings and the sparkling dust of frost in the morning light. Good times except that it too quickly gives way to mind-wrenching cold temperatures and endless snow piles.

So enjoy the fall weather while it lasts, and enjoy this week’s quick hits and varia:

IMG 3783Always vigilant. 

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s finally Friday here in North Dakotaland. It feels like two or three weeks since the last weekend, but when I look at everything that I completed this week, it seems to confirm that last Friday was only two days ago. Funny how time is.

Despite the strangely short week, this weekend holds the promise of some excitement, including the first University of North Dakota – North Dakota State football game in 12 years, a new Keith Richards’ album (I know, right?), and the Formula 1 guys in Singapore. 

So, hunker down for some footballing, blues, and Formula 1 racing, with a loyal gaggle of quick hits and varia:

IMG 3763Hangin’ with the Eli

Friday Quick Hits and Varia

For some reason short weeks take the longest, but this has been a good week so I suppose that I shouldn’t complain that it lingers a bit longer than usual. 

First, thank you to all the generous comments on social media about my post yesterday on the archaeology of care during the current refugee crisis. The only critical observation came over at Paul Barford’s blog. I wrote him a fairly lengthy comment with some ideas for how antiquities collectors and museums might also contribute to shifting the focus from objects to people even just for a time. Check out Richard Rothaus’s musing here

Second, I want to thank everyone who downloaded or purchased copies of The Digital Press’s most recent publication, Karl Jakob Skarstein’s The War with the Sioux. In the first week the book was available we saw over 150 copies enter circulation as either free downloads or purchases. Needless to say, this is great start since we’ve done no marketing beyond the social media networks of the authors, translators, and friends of the Press. 

Finally, thanks to everyone who took the time to listen to the first Caraheard podcast of the season. Richard and I are already scheming up some ways to keep our always witty banter fresh and engaging.

With my self-congratulatory banter dispensed with, on to some quick hits and varia:

IMG 3750If he can’t get over writers’ block,
the great American dog novel will never get finished.