Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s a busy-ish weekend with some typesetting, a massive number of corrections on a set of page proofs, and the almost-done North Dakota Quarterly issue strewn across 50 or so emails. There’s also the first two T20I matches between South Africa and Australia, and, more importantly, the heavy weight championship of the world.  

Hopefully, I’ll also have time to get a few long walks in Grand Forks’ Late-February answer to the Halcyon Days and nudge my way through a small stack of student papers. Without being one of those guys, I’m pretty excited about the weekend.

With any luck, your weekend will be every bit as full and enjoyable, and just maybe this little gaggle of quick hits and varia will help:

IMG 4724

IMG 4720

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

We survived the great ground blizzard of 2020 and wind chilliness of around -50. Today it gets warmer and is likely to hit double-digits above zero Fahrenheit which will soar into the 20s over the weekend. I can smell spring in the air!

This weekend will involve a careful read of NDQ 87.1/2 which goes to production on March 1. It’ll also involve the Daytona 500 and maybe a bit of college basketball. I can only hope my Mighty Spiders have better luck against their crosstown rivals VCU than the U.S. Men’s Cricket Team did again the the powerhouse Nepal

Hope your weekend is productive, relaxing, and a full of excitement. Please enjoy this little gaggle of quick hits and varia:

IMG 4179Starfish and Me

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

We’re looking ahead to a mild weekend here in North Dakotaland with temperatures in the mid-teens after a brutally cold day today. The downside of these mild February temps is the low overcast skies that will hang around all weekend. Fortunately, today will be clearer, but too cold to really enjoy it. 

This weekend will be filled with reading, some book layout, and paperwork associated with the next issue of NDQ that’s due on March 1. The inaugural season of the XFL, however, will provide some additional excitement and I’ve promised both dogs some long walks by the river.

I hope you all have an intriguing weekend and, if you’d like, enjoy some quick hits and varia:

IMG 4665Just another Milsey Monday.

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

We’re looking ahead to a shockingly temperate weekend which will allow us all to thaw a bit before the big game. This is what passes for excitement at this time of year here in North Dakotaland as the days inch longer in lockstep with the burdens of the semester. 

If you do need to feel a bit warm, do check out the final session of the Sri Lanka-Zimbabwe test match. Coming off a year of suspension, Zimbabwe is clinging to a chance to win their first test in 2018 and their first test ever again Sri Lanka. 

If that doesn’t float your boat, here are some quick hits and varia:

IMG 4624 copy

IMG 4627

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

The weekend before the Super Bowl is always the most boring (and depressing) weekend of the year. It’s always cold. The days haven’t really started getting longer in any kind of discernible way. The blush is off the new semester and it’s possible to feel the grind. The best way to make this weekend passable is have a good book or two, some good food, some good beer, and some good company. 

Maybe my quick hits and varia can help too:

IMG 4606Sun Spots and Heaters

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It was a cold week here in North Dakotaland, but that’s why people pay the price of admission. This weekend, we’ll get a little break for the cold with temperatures soaring into the 20s F, but to remind us that this is North Dakota and the weather makes the rules, we’re going to have a blizzard. 

There are, of course, worse things that could happen on a weekend and it gives us a good excuse to stay inside, read a good book, watch some NFLing, and, at least this morning, keep an eye on the second Australia-Indian ODI (in Rajkot where it is a lovely 72 degrees F). 

To make things just a bit easier, you could head over to The Digital Press page and download the latest Epoiesen Annual (volume 3!) or go and read this interview with Shawn Graham where he discusses failure, teaching, digital archaeology and humanities, and his growing media empire!

If none of that floats your boat, I humbly submit this little gaggle of quick hits and varia:

IMG 4616

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s cold in North Dakotaland with the temperatures not expected to get about -2 F today. It seems fitting that the last gasp of winter break feels like real winter. 

The semester starts on Tuesday for me and my syllabuses are ready and my classes are mostly prepped. Most of winter break projects are done (and just a bit more hustle over the next few days will wrap them all up) and the football and cricket seasons are coming to an end. The best thing about February in North Dakota is the existential quiet that lulls you into a kind of contemplative productivity. It’s when things get done whether you want them to or not.

As festivities ramp down and the serious work of teaching, reading, and writing start up again, enjoy some quick hits and varia:

IMG 4602

IMG 4601

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

The year is almost over and it feels like it’s ending how it started with the threat of snow. Fortunately, if this big storm comes, there are plenty of books, articles, papers, and syllabi to keep us occupied as well as two dogs who refuse to understand the concept of snow despite living in North Dakota for most of their lives. There’s also the Boxing Day Test, the first college football play off games, and the last NFL contests.

All the best in the new year, and please enjoy this post-holiday gaggle of quick hits and varia:

IMG 4545

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s almost Christmastime here in North Dakotaland. The last papers are trickling in, grades are due early next week, and most of us are looking forward to a few days off – Christmas or otherwise – between the semesters. There will be test cricket (provided that it’s not too hot! and the pitch is safe), basketball, a novel to finish, a book to layout, some college football, and an article and a conference paper to polish up. I’ve also promised the dogs a long walk, some phone calls with family, and a few new TV series to watch. In other words, a proper holiday.

Before I present some quick hits and varia, though, I do have a couple little advertisements. If it helps, imagine me reading these in olde tyme radio voice. First, if you’re look for a stocking stuffer, consider a book from The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota. If you’re not quite sure, though, you can always download for free a four pack, check the books out, and if they make you or someone you know happy, buy one! Here’s the link! 

If a book feels like too much of an intellectual commitment, then maybe a subscription to North Dakota Quarterly would be the perfect thing for the reader in your life? If you’re not sure, check out our blog!

But now, back to our scheduled programing and do enjoy the featured quick hits and varia:

IMG 4545

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

While the first day of winter is still a week away, it feels like winter right now here in North Dakotaland. With temperatures around 0 and flurries in the air almost every day.

There are plenty ways to keep warm, of course. Holiday parties, books by the fire, hot cups of coffee and stiff belts of whiskey, and layers of clothes under a warm blanket. If that’s not enough, the boys of Australian summer are playing in the first test of the Trans-Tasman Trophy, the Sixers vanquished their hated rivals, the Boston Celtics, and one of the best fight nights of the year is happening Saturday with Bud Crawford, Mick Conlan, and Teofimo Lopez sharing a card at Madison Square Garden.

There’s also a gaggle of good things to read these day, if you haven’t checked out Shawn Graham’s Failing Gloriously and Other Essays (Grand Forks, ND 2019) you really should! And if you’re looking for something a bit more literary, do check out what we’re doing over at North Dakota Quarterly!

If that’s still not enough (and when is enough, really enough?), here’s some more quick hits and varia:

IMG 4530