Friday Varia and Quick Hits

Today’s Varia and Quick Hits is coming from Fargo, North Dakota where I’m enjoying a slight change of venue after a stimulating evening at the Plains Art Museum. I’m going to tarry here in Fargo for a few hours this morning with the hope that a change of venue will stimulate some of my flagging creativity.

IMG 2898

Before moving onto our weekend reading, a couple of advertisements for myself. First, Visions of Substance: 3D Imaging in Mediterranean Archaeology is now available at the low, low price of $17.95. There’s almost no reason not to buy it now (unless you already have it for free). Yesterday, Richard Rothaus and I released our second podcast in our ongoing adventures in podcasting

IMG 2875Do my paws seem too long to you?

IMG 2882Allow me to help you with that blanket.

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

I missed last Friday because I was on the road, so I feel lots of added pressure to come through with a genius edition of quick hits and varia this week. Maybe too much pressure.

Before we do that, however, I want to follow up on a little side project yesterday’s post. After reading this epic blog post comparing the Archaeological Institute of American to ISIS by a coin collector and lobbyist against import restriction on ancient artifacts called Wayne Sayles, Andrew Reinhard, Punk Archaeologist without Borders, and myself collaborated in a little punkish hardcore ditty that put together our reading of Sayles blog post to music. Reinhard, obviously, provided the music. It is awesome.


Now on to the varia and quick hits:

IMG 2871Where did I leave that?

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

Some of my regular readers noticed that I missed a blog post yesterday. I apologize for the missed day, but should also point out that I posted last Sunday, so I still got me 5 post in this week. Over the next week or so, I’ll be out of town a bit, but I’ll do all I can to keep up with my regular blog schedule.

As the halcyon days linger here in North Dakota land and I prepare for a mid-morning blast across the North Dakota prairie, I would be seriously remiss if I didn’t present a little gaggle of quick hits and varia. 

IMG 2793The Milo-Badger don’t care either.

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s the time of year in North Dakotaland when you realize that you haven’t left the house for days and have begun to confuse the meager light of the full moon and the sun. My motivation levels are so low that I’ve begun to finish lingering book reviews just to do something. Long term research projects are just too existentially taxing. When I way poetic (which is rare), I call this the North Dakota Midwinter Acedia. Most of the time, I just wish it wasn’t so frigging cold outside.

Despite the malaise, I have managed, in an endearingly half-hearted way, to assemble a little gaggle of varia and quick hits:

IMG 2744Let’s just agree that it is difficult to know what exactly happened here. 

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

If there was a sense of urgency in the Ohio State win last night, it was because they knew with Harbaugh at Michigan this was their last shot at a national championship for a long, long time. So we can’t blame them for finding a little extra to beat Alabama.

Since we have another few days before cricket recommences and then a few beyond that for more college footballing, I found a little gaggle of quick hits and varia to keep you entertained. 

IMG 2693No, really, my paws don’t work. Bring the treat to me here. 

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

I wish I could tell you all that rather than enjoying my Christmastime, I slaved over the quick hits and varia, but that’s just not the case. As a result, they’re a bit on the light side this St. Stephensmas (or Boxing Day).

Despite my clear dereliction of duty, I wish you a happy holidays:

IMG 2627We’ve tried to teach him manners. But when he got his Chewbacca stocking and stuffed lamb, it was GAME ON.

Tis the Season

Every year I have readers asking me whether the Archaeology of the Mediterranean World team can help with a last minute holiday gift.

Every year, I assure them that the Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Archive is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to relive and savor the glory that is the Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Blog on luxurious paper. Volume 5 of The Archive is now available in all of its digital glory. It is mostly free of obfuscating mark-up and html artifacts and perfectly ready for printing or binding at the book binder of your choice. I’d recommend binding it in soft, Corinthian leather. (Although I’d actually recommend against binding it, and instead printing it on 12.375 x 12.375 card stock and fitting it into a nice box).

Remember that this is one of the few blogs that produces a printable archive every, single year. By proudly displaying this in your home, you place yourself both at the cutting edge of blog-to-book workflow, but also in a small group of people who can even pretend to know “what I’m on about.” 

This year The Archive is set in Akzidenz-Grotesk font (the cover pages are in Futura) and runs to over 700 pages. Lest you doubt the value of such a spectacular Christmas gift, I only need to remind you that these are 700 pages that might have been directed toward book projects, scholarly articles, teaching North Dakota’s next generation of bloggers, properly completing university mandate paperwork, or letters to the editor of the local newspaper. It runs to well over 140,000 words.

Finally, I broke with tradition this year and went with square pages (8.5 x 8.5, but easily expanded to 12.375 to 12.375) because I think of my work more as a concept album than a cohesive codex. In keeping with the them, I also created a cover because the Mighty Milo needs to be out front in any creative undertaking in this household. 

I have decided to exclude other people’s posts (o.p.p.) from this archive, in part, because some will appear in a separate, better edited volume, and because it would be too hard to explain to other people why I prepare an annual archive. I have also followed past practices and left out all of the images. It is just easier this way and I figured that it would fuel my readers imagination as they attempted to visualize whatever it was that I was talking about.

Blog Archive Volume 5 pdf

For this feeling nostalgic, copies of Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, and Volume 4 are still available.

Happy Holidays!!

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

After a week off to work in the Bakken, I’m back with a pre-holiday quick hits and varia for your enjoyment.

I’ll be too honest and say that my daily productivity has begun to decline as the holidays approach. We have a tree, are heavy into menu planning, and are looking forward to a day or two when work gives way to family good cheer and, of course, as many hours of test cricket as possible. 

That being said, I will prepare my usual year end blog review and my year end “what I’m listening to” for the next week. So, stay tuned!


Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s been a busy, cold, and curious week at Archaeology of the Mediterranean World headquarters, and I’d by lying if I said that I wasn’t happy to see it come to a close. 

In the meantime, I’ll focus on the weekend by providing you with a carefully curated gaggle of varia and quick hits.

IMG 2447It’s been a long week

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

After a wonderful turkey dinner on Thanksgiving (also known as “Black Thursday”), we watched the Eagles win (or more importantly, the Cowboys lose), enjoyed a second helping, ate some pie, and rested the day away as a light snow tidied up the neighborhood. 

But now, it’s back to business as usual at Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Headquarters, and my dedicated readers, especially those who do not celebrate Thanksgiving (like The Atheists and Canadians) await their regular dose of links.

IMG 2358It’s cold so I’m wearing a coat.