Friday Varia and Quick Hits

After a sweltering week, I’m looking forward to a cooler and rainier weekend here in North Dakotaland. More than that, this is the start of college footballing season, the NASCAR boys are at Darlington, and the Formula 1 show is at Monza. Kicking the weekend off right was the Australia victory over England in the first ODI of that series

Before the list of quick hits and varia, be sure to check out the newest book published by The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota, the first English translation of K.J. Skarstein’s The War with the Sioux translated by Melissa Gjellstad and Danielle Skjelver with new introductory material from Richard Rothaus and Dakota Goodhouse. It’s a good read and it’s free (or $12 on Amazon).

And now onto the quick hits and varia:

IMG 3756IMG 3754IMG 3753The Frog Days of Summer

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

At the end of a hectic week in North Dakotaland, I’ve traveled west to the might “Capital of the Northern Prairie,” Bismarck, ND for a meeting. The temperature is set to top 95 degrees reminding us that summer has a little more to offer before succumbing to golden light of fall.

Fortunately, I have a nice swarm of Quick Hits and Varia to help you beat the heat this weekend.

Milo is recovering from his cough and ear infections, but he wanted to make sure everyone knew that being a sick, 2-year-old, yellow dog is not easy.

IMG 3737

Friday Quick Hits and Varia

It’s the calm before storm as classes start on Tuesday and students show up on campus this weekend. Fortunately, there’s the final test of the Ashes, Formula 1 is at Spa, NASCAR is at Bristol, and NFL preseason has entered its very brief, interesting phase.

While I’m taking the weekend to gather my thoughts and energy before the semester begins, I’ll pass along some quick hits and varia for your enjoyment.

IMG 3716The Mighty Milo is under the weather today,
but he promises to be back to his vigilant self as soon as possible.

Friday Quick Hits and Varia

It is supposed to be close to one thousand degrees here in North Dakotaland today, so I got up early to blog while the weather is still tolerable. I think this will finally melt that little patch of snow by the side of the house and thaw the last of the garden in time for the first frost of fall.

So while we’re baking in our boots, I offer a small gaggle of quick hits and varia for you to enjoy.

But first, a photo of the North Dakota Man Camp Project’s August 2015 field team:

North Dakota Man Camp Project August 2015

And now, some quick hits and varia:

IMG 3699Can’t let my paws touch the floor!

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

I’m still getting my feet set on this blogging every day thing, so I apologize for missing yesterday. I was just too shaken after Australia was dismissed for 60 in about 90 minutes yesterday morning (but it could be worse). Whatever the reason, I figure I owe my readers some quick hits and varia for the long weekend.

IMG 3661The frog days of summer.

A Few Friday Varia and Quick Hits

I’m still getting back into the groove of blogging regularly, so I don’t want to push too hard right out of the gate and injure myself.

But I will offer a few quick hits and varia for the weekend, only because I can’t help myself:

IMG 3602

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

With the field season right around the corner and a stack of ornery, unfinished projects staring at me, the last thing I needed was a string of days in the mid-70s with low humidity and a very eager dog. But, despite my best efforts, I can’t control the weather or the dog, so my productivity this week ground to an awkward halt as I took in some vigorous rounds of late afternoon “ram ball,” “ram elephant,” and “ram gross and wet rawhide” with the yellow dog.

I did, however, manage to set aside a bit of time to make a list of quick hits and varia. I’d like to humbly recommend listening to our most recent podcast as well!

IMG 3115An Aerial View of Milo

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

The countdown to fieldwork has begun in earnest, I’m trying my best to keep my priorities in order despite a trip to Boston (which will be fun), unseasonably warm weather (which has been great), and a few pressing deadlines (which I’m working through).

These pressures, however, come with the territory and won’t keep me from posting and you from enjoying a little list of quick hits and varia:

IMG 3078

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

Yesterday’s visit by Andrew Reinhard was hectic, but great. 

Andrew and I started the day with a Skype presentation for the Digital Heritage Meets Interactive Storytelling Conference at the University of York. Andrew then talked to history majors and graduate students in our department about academic careers outside of academia and his work in archaeological publishing in particular. We then headed over the Gorecki Alumni center for an interview with the local news, WDAZ, and an interactive display of vintage Atari games. We wrapped up the day with a showing of Atari: Game Over and a panel discussion. While the crowd was not quite what we hoped for, the entire day was exciting enough to be declared a success. I’ll post a link to the recording of the event when it become available! In the meantime here’s a link to the coverage in the Grand Forks Herald and here’s a link to a short piece on Prairie Public Radio.

IMG 3063

Today will be more proceed at a somewhat less frantic pace and feature some time to work on a publication plan for the results of the Atari dig and to record a podcast focusing on Archaeogaming.

In the meantime, I’ll offer a modest list of quick hits and varia for your weekend reading pleasure:

IMG 3057Come on! Drop something!

Friday Quick Hits and Varia

It’s been a busy, if unproductive, week here at Archaeology of the Mediterranean World headquarters, but I am convinced that spring is just around the corner, my field work will start in just over a month, and next week is the annual Cyprus Research Fund lecture featuring Andrew Reinhard and Raiford Guins, plus an interactive display of vintage game consoles. What could be more cool?

AtariGameOver share2

Well, one thing could be more (if not more cool) is this little interview that Richard Rothaus and I produced for the American Schools of Oriental Research blog and podcast series:

So, the flurry of activity probably accounts for the dearth of quick hits and varia, but hopefully it will be enough to satisfy my loyal readers until Monday morning.

IMG 3035