Friday Varia and Quick Hits

After a brief reprieve, winter has returned to North Dakotaland. Fortunately, our community is producing plenty of heat from the white hot anger and blurred blue panic over budget cuts at the University of North Dakota. Our household has the added bonus of watching Australia scorch India for 104 last night on a 15 wicket day at Pune. (And, yeah, it’s really hard to write that without sounding a little racist. It’s a cricket score. Really). If cricket’s not your thing there’s still warming afterglow of the NBA trade deadline, the Daytona 500, or the 455 anniversary of the Gutenberg Bible.

Otherwise, there is a gaggle of quick hits and varia:

IMG 0464
Meeting of the Minds

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

A balmy midwinter is making the middle weeks of the semester seem just a bit easier here in North Dakotaland. It’s almost enough to make me overlook all the troubles in the world.

If you haven’t had a chance to download our book, Pyla-Koutsopetria I: Archaeological Survey of an Ancient Coast Town from the ASOR website, you should! Go here.

Also, be sure to check out next week’s Facebook Live cast with Eric Burin, editor of Picking the President: Understanding the Electoral College from The Digital Press at UND. We’re going to broadcast from the book’s Facebook page starting at 1pm on Tuesday.

If that’s still not enough to keep you distracted over the weekend, here’s a little list of quick hits and varia:

Mila and The Barge
Milo, The Barge, and Sharkie

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

After a chilly week it looks like we’ll have a bit of respite for the weekend with temperatures soaring into the mid-30s. I’m really looking forward to everything melting just a little bit and then refreezing in the morning into glistening ice. But it could be worse, my wife quickly reminded me.

The BoysLazy Sunday (Photo by Susie)

Friday Quick Hits and Varia

The Halcyon Days have left us here in North Dakotaland, and we seem to have returned to the cold, dark, budget-cutastic wintertime. That’s ok, though, because I think we all have lots of work to do this semester, this year, and forever into the future. Nothing like the idea of infinite work – stretching out endlessly in all directions – to keep you warm in the winter.

Before we get down to doing work, you should head over to The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota’s website and download a copy of Eric Burin’s Picking the President: Understanding the Electoral College. Or if you don’t like FREE, you can get it from Amazon for just $8

On to a little gaggle of quick hits and varia:

IMG 0433

A Very Quick Friday

I’m on the road to Bismarck today (or Bizmarque as it is called in these parts), so just a few lines this morning. 

Do check out the North Dakota Humanities Council page for some new content (including a podcast!) and a new opportunity to support the humanities. Remember that whatever happens to national funding for the humanities (and it should be a real concern), the humanities always begins at home. All humanities are local!

For those still feeling agitated, check out the series at Cultural Anthropology on The Rise of Trumpism

A lot of people checked out my post on, which was gratifying and unexpected, I only wish it was a better post. The more I’ve played with Humanities Commons, the more I really like the interface and the options in their CORE repository. I think it could be a viable alternative to Check out my account there.

I’ll probably listen to the Cloud Nothings new album Life Without Sound on the drive out to Bizmarque if Ty Segall’s new album is available, I’ll listen to that too.

Eric Burin’s Picking the President: Understanding the Electoral College from The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota looks pretty good in paper. It should be available by the middle of next week! It should be $8.

IMG 0418

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s been a while since I’ve offered some quick hits and varia here on the blogeroo, and since we probably all need a distraction this weekend, today seems like a good time to revive the tradition. In a cruel joke, these are the Halcyon days here in North Dakotaland with temperatures soars into the mid-30s and dogs and people alike are aching to to go outside, but the soggy, slushy, meltwater mess makes the reality less appealing than thermometer.

If you’re looking for a good read, go ahead and download your free copy of Eric Burin’s Picking the President: Understanding the Electoral College from The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota.

For people with a little more time on their hands (or in a more desperate need for distraction) check out the most recent episode of the Caraheard podcast featuring David Pettegrew!

A good day either way to stay inside and read some quick hits and varia.

IMG 0404

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

Oh man! It’s cold here!! This is that week in North Dakotaland when the temperatures do not peek above 0 and no one ventures outside for long. But this is ok, because one comes to live in North Dakotaland not to enjoy the great outdoors, but to hunker down by the fire and draw the blinds and read and write and think and listen to music. If you want to be outdoors in the sun, move to Florida or Arizona or someplace like that.

If you’re happy by the fire, then please enjoy these quick hits and varia:

50532785919 4410D23B 4819 4746 8583 03E1337DD646 JPGSo bored.

50533551786 116DF481 1DBA 4EC2 A7C9 66FBD5AA4E32 JPGWake me when winter’s over.

Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s the calm before the storm here in North Dakotaland. Grand Forks is expecting a significant winter storm on Christmas and Boxing Days. Fortunately that won’t effect the playing of the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne or the cosiness of a book by the fire. 

In the meantime, here’s a very modest list of some quick hits and varia:

IMG 0242

Friday Quick Hits and Varia

It’s a cold and windy Friday with intermittent internet connectivity at Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Headquarters, a stack of papers to grade, and what looks to be a successful, if somewhat disappointing start to the summer season of cricket in Australia.

Before our regularly scheduled varia and quick hits, I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer a little holiday shopping advice! Need a last minute gift for the book worm in your world? Check out the offerings from The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota. From the latest in digital archaeology and 3D imaging to thoughtful works on the history of North Dakota, the Digital Press at UND has almost everything you’d need for the Mediterranean archaeologist and historian of North Dakota in your life. Check out The Bakken Goes Boom, The War with the Sioux, Visions of Substance, Punk Archaeology, and Mobilizing the Past

Now for a little gaggle of quick hits and varia:

IMG 0156Boredom

Friday Quick Hits and Varia

Winter has arrived here in North Dakotaland along with our old friend the “polar vortex.” The high today is zero so Susie and I have planned a good, old-fashioned, outdoor barbecue to get her in the proper place for her trip back to Australia on the weekend.

While she’s gone, I’ll spend some quality time with the olde bloggeroo and watch the dying gasps of the NFL season, figure out if the NBA is really as good as it looks, and with any luck get a ton of writing done when the rest of you are celebrating the holidays!

In the meantime, enjoy some quick hits and varia:

04308B79 18F2 4D19 8992 CCA2342EDA8CThe Mighty Milo and the Mini-Bargepole from this summer