3D Modeling in Mediterranean Archaeology


1. A Discussion of the Analytical Benefits of Image-Based 3D Modeling in Archaeology
Brandon R. Olson, Boston University
Ryan A. Placchetti, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

2. Three Dimensional Field Recording in Archaeology: An Example from Gabii 
Rachel Opitz, University of Arkansas 

3. Linear B in 3D
Dimitri Nakassis, University of Toronto

4. Bring in the Drones: 3D Modeling Using Aerial Imagery at Archaeological Excavations
Ryan Baker, ArchAerial LLC.

5. Closing Gaps with Low-Cost 3D
Sebastian Heath, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University

6. 3D laser scanning within Skoteino Cave, Crete, Greece
Loeta Tyree, American School of Classical Studies at Athens

7. Photogrammetry on the Pompeii Quadriporticus Project
Eric Poehler, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

8. 3D Imaging in Mediterranean Archaeology: What are we doing, anyway?
James Newhard, College of Charleston

9. Three- and Four-Dimensional Archaeological Publication
Andrew Reinhard, American School of Classical Studies at Athens

10. The Work of Archaeology in the Age of Digital Surrogacy
Adam Rabinowitz, The University of Texas at Austin

11. 3D Reconstruction of the Renaissance Bastion of the Langenbrücker Gate in Lemgo (Germany)
Guido Nockemann, AMD Nockemann

12. 3D Archaeology at Çatalhöyük
Maurizio Forte, Duke University

13. Bringing the Past into the Present: Digital Archaeology Meets Mechanical Engineering 
Brandon R. Olson (Boston University), Jody M. Gordon (Wentworth Institute of Technology), Curtis Runnels (Boston University), Steve Chomyszak (Wentworth Institute of Technology)

14. 3D Models as Analytical Tools
Ethan Gruber, American Numismatic Society 

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