Kanye’s Life of Pablo at NDQ

Go and check out what I wrote for the NDQ webpage!! Do it!! (It’s my first effort at a music review.)

The Beatles album cover 01

It’s been really fun working with the folks at NDQ to develop their web presence. We have a few little issues that we’re working out:

1. Blog, Website, Online Journal. Around the NDQ office, we talk about our online content, generally, as “the blog.” We use this as a convenient shorthand for our developing web presence. I do worry a bit that this term does not do justice what we’re trying to accomplish. Blogs continue to have a reputation for being dashed off, solipsistic, and lacking any substance. The NDQ web presence, in contrast, is not simply musings, informal, fragmentary thoughts, but a genuine complement to the print journal. We need to start calling it our website or, my preferred name NDQ5 (playing on the idea that a quarterly is four and this is outside of the quarterly.)

2. Print to Web to Print. It’s been pretty easy to move print content to the web, but we need to think a bit more about integrating web content into the print volume. I wonder whether a quarterly “web index” might be a cool feature. We could model it after Harper’s Index, and offer a single link to an index page, and organize the web content for the quarter by some simple stats on a single page of each print volume.

3. Insights. My final thought is that the NDQ web presence could do a bit more to break down the barrier between our loyal readers and subscribers and the folks who produce the journal. I want to think a bit more about how to give our readers insights into our workflow and production practices. The NDSU Press has a very active Facebook page, and it provides a really lively and engaging view of what goes on “behind the scenes.” We might even try to include our online audience in some of the decision making processes as we try to build a sense of community that extends from pixels to print.