Happy Birthday Mom!

One advantage of no-one reading my blog any more (I’m exaggerating a little) is that I can post about anything I want (as if I was constrained by my audience in the past)… So, today I’m making a short post about my mother.

Today is her birthday and All Saints Day. I always suspected that this was not a coincidence. This blog owes a good bit of its existence and content to my mother. She instilled in me a love of books and learning,  as well as a fascination with Christianity and religion more broadly. She (and my Dad) introduced us to technology at an early age. In fact, I don’t remember not having a computer at home from our TRS-80 to a KayPro, various IBM PCs, and eventually a series of Apple MacIntosh computers. I’ve always been as comfortable behind a keyboard and a screen as anywhere.

Over the years she’s been stubborn, but she’s always been supportive of my professional and personal choices (even when they’ve been a bit sketchy… why on earth would anyone be a Latin major?). So I figured the least I could do is thank her on the olde blog here.

Here’s a picture may Dad took of her!

PastedGraphic 1