Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s 5 am here in Polis-Chrysochous and I having some coffee in preparation for a long morning clearing weeds from the ruins of the Christian basilica at E.F2. As readers of this blog know, I am particularly interested dream-inspired renovations or discoveries of Early Christian buildings. So I was very aware of my dreams last night just to see if a holy personage might appear to motivate or at least smile kindly on our work this morning.

I think I got close. I first dreamt about a colleague who was very concerned about the tone of a cover letter she was writing and going through all the revisions in it line by line, but this was interrupted by Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor of Music Mike Wittgraf appearing to discuss a problematic student. Strangely, Mike Wittgraf appeared as Bill Walton (from his mid-1980s playing days with the Boston Celtic), and both scenes took place in my basement. Perhaps it is irreligious to think this way, but this was not as cool as the Panayia appearing to me begging that I “resaddle her old church” or “Ay. Photeini threatening to strike my blind if I did not excavate her church” or even a well-meaning lesser saint asking me to weed with particular piety. We did clean off the basilica nicely, though.


This all being said, I am up nonetheless and preparing a small gaggles of varia and quick hits:


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