Happy Birthday Mom!

One advantage of no-one reading my blog any more (I’m exaggerating a little) is that I can post about anything I want (as if I was constrained by my audience in the past)… So, today I’m making a short post about my mother.

Today is her birthday and All Saints Day. I always suspected that this was not a coincidence. This blog owes a good bit of its existence and content to my mother. She instilled in me a love of books and learning,  as well as a fascination with Christianity and religion more broadly. She (and my Dad) introduced us to technology at an early age. In fact, I don’t remember not having a computer at home from our TRS-80 to a KayPro, various IBM PCs, and eventually a series of Apple MacIntosh computers. I’ve always been as comfortable behind a keyboard and a screen as anywhere.

Over the years she’s been stubborn, but she’s always been supportive of my professional and personal choices (even when they’ve been a bit sketchy… why on earth would anyone be a Latin major?). So I figured the least I could do is thank her on the olde blog here.

Here’s a picture may Dad took of her!

PastedGraphic 1

One Comment

  1. Best to your mom. She must be very proud of her renowned son.

    I hadn’t known about you being a Latin major but it is something of a given that liberal arts students have their own drummer. (One boss of mine suggested a bongo drummer.). Personally I am convinced that I was the worst HS Latin student who ever lived. In fact, being cursed with a horrid memory I was the worst student ever at UND. Since then I have come to believe that the reason I wasn’t given the old heave-ho was that I truly loved leaning for its own sake, bad as I was at it.

    Once again, Happy Birthday to your mom. I hope you can spend the day reminiscing together.


    PS: My first computer was a Radio Shack “Color Computer.” One had to keep his work on tape cassettes which often failed and an accidental disconnect meant my writing my daughter’s high school papers again and again from scratch. I always got her an “A” though.


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