What to wear…

… when walking home in -10 F temperatures (with wind chills around -20).  My walk home is about a 2 mile walk and takes me 30-40 minutes.  (The cold can be dangerous as a UND hockey player recently discovered! (via Danielle Skjelver))

I try to walk home every day and consider it part of my vocation as a landscape archaeologist. Walks in the winter are always the most peaceful. It’s amazing how few people are out-and-about when the temperature slips below 0 F.  These walks are also a great way to decompress after a long day in the office and provide me with an opportunity to solve the worlds problems while reconnecting with a landscape that feels strangely three-dimensional after a long day staring at a computer screen.

The trick is staying warm. There are two schools of thought on this. New school goes with state of the art materials designed for maximum comfort and warmth.  Old School goes with layers.  I try to combine the two.

Blundstone 550 boots
Bamboo socks from an Australian country store (from my mother-in-law)

Good cotton boxer briefs
Eddy Bauer -30 tested thermal tights
Eddy Bauer lined cargo pants

cotton t-shirt
Katmandu nylon long-sleeve t-shirt
cotton sweater
Old Navy Hoodie
L.L. Bean Polyester Fleece Pullover
Carhartt Jacket (designed for 30 degree F)

Knit wool balaklava
Knit wool hat
EMS mitten/gloves

One Comment

  1. Did the Katmandu shirt come from Australia as well? I picked up a polypropylene one in Dunedin, NZ, a few years ago. It has bright colors and makes me look like a comic super hero. That’s why it is always an undershirt, or base-layer, in tech clothing speak.


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