Friday Varia and Quick Hits

Apparently we’re due a final gasp of fall weather this weekend with temperatures soaring into the 40s. This doesn’t quite feel like Thanksgiving and I suspect is a harbinger of the new normal. That said, I’ll take a day that doesn’t involve multiple layers of clothing this late in the year and embrace the chance to open the windows and let some cool air into the house. 

That said, it’s still pleasant enough to sit by the fire, enjoy the warm smells of holiday cooking, and watch some festive football. Readers of this blog probably know that this weekend is more than just another casual sports day and the highlight of the weekend is “The Game” between OSU and Michigan. I’ll also enjoy the Eagles on Sunday night and I’ll keep an eye on the Spiders and the UND Fighting Hawks as they play in the FCS playoffs. There’s also solid slate of boxing and basketball on offer. I don’t reckon I’ll move much from my chair today.

That said, I still have plenty to do including finishing my powerpoint for my talk on Monday. You can check out the announcement for my talk and information how to attend here. Start to prep for my spring classes (including submitting my book order for Roman History) and catch up on some grading in my fall classes. I’m also so very close to being done with page proofs for NDQ 89.3/4!

In the meantime, here as some quick hits and varia:

IMG 8304

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