Music Monday: Archie Roach

As many people likely know, Archie Roach died last weekend. Unfortunately, there was a brief interruption in the ole blog as I was on the road. He is an important (and perhaps the most important) Aboriginal song writer who was the voice of the stolen generations.

It seems appropriate to post a few of my favorite Archie Roach songs (and to recognize that his family has approved folks posting images of him after he had died). I’m especially fond of the song “Charcoal Lane,” which he performs here live: 

(Here’s Courtney Barnett doing it with Paul Kelly (who is also a Australian music legend):

I also really like his song “We Won’t Cry” with its reggae influences. It’s the kind of song that brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. Here he is performing it with Uncle Jack Charles, a well-know Aboriginal performer:

Of course, he is particularly known for his song “Took the Children Away” which helped catalyze public sentiment regarding the horrors of the forced removal policy that produced the stolen generations:

And, finally, here is his last recordings where he covers a series of Bob Marley songs and demonstrates his intergeneration reach: 


  1. This Australian is so happy to see you giving Archie Roach some well deserved international attention. He, Uncle Jack, and Paul Kelly are legends.


    1. Thanks you for the kind words. These three offer a compelling window into Australian culture.


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