The Caraheard Podcast is Back!

One of my survival strategies for being over extended and feeling overwhelmed is taking on new projects or excavating old ones. Fortunately, I always have colleagues around to help with this strategy. So when Richard Rothaus proposed that we start a new season of the Caraheard podcast, the timing was perfect and there was no way that I could refuse.

I am very excited to announce the rebooting of the Caraheard Podcast. This is season four and like past seasons we kick it off with a conversation about the books that we’ve read over the past twelve months and as in the past Kostis Kourelis puts us all to shame not only with the quantity of books, but the quality of his commentary. 

You can listen to season four of Caraheard on Soundcloud or via iTunes. The show notes are posted over at and if you really want an immersive Caraheard experience, you can watch our conversation via YouTube:

Richard and I are already talking about what this season will look like and have a few idea for folks we’d like to talk to before the summer. But we’re also a bit over extended. It might be best if you don’t hold your breath!

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