Archaeology of the Contemporary American Experience: An (almost) Final Bibliography

I’m almost done my second draft of my book manuscript and as part of that work, I have an almost final bibliography for my book. Readers of this blog know that my book is on the archaeology of contemporary American culture and you can check out the first drafts of most of the book’s chapters here.

The book has a pretty significant bibliography as one might expect from this kind of survey. While there are better, or at least more focused, bibliographies available. I’d recommend the bibliography of Alfredo González-Ruibal’s An Archaeology of the Contemporary Era (2019) or even Rodney Harrison and Esther Breithoff’s recent article-length review in the 2017 Annual Review of Anthropology 46(1): 203-221.

In any event, I think that my bibliography is a bit different from theirs and might be of interest to a graduate student or someone just dipping their toes in the field. At the same time, it is very much a works cited.

You can download my bibliography here in all its 36 page glory!

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