Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It can’t decide whether we’ll enjoy an an early spring or continue to suffer the long tail of winter. Until the weather sorts itself out, I’ll be inside, by the fire, with a book or two. 

Despite the uneven weather here in North Dakotaland, the car racer types are at it in the desert: the Cup guys are in Phoenix and the F1 show is testing on Bahrain. In Dallas,  Juan Francisco Estrada and Roman ‘Chocolatito’ Gonzalez prepare to face off in a mini-mega fight between two iconic junior bantamweights. The Sixers host the Wizards at home and the Phils try to settle their rotation in the Sunshine State. In other words, even if I run out of books (which is almost impossible), there’s other stuff to do that doesn’t involve me having to even look outside.

I just got word yesterday that NDQ 88.1/2 is entering into production. This issue is pretty great with a distinctive bias toward prose. You can check out the table of contents here, subscribe here, submit something here, or read a lovely pair of poems from the issue here

If that’s not your style, check out some quick hits and varia here:

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