Friday Varia and Quick Hits

Reports of spring’s imminent arrival were greatly exaggerated as the temperatures this weekend will duck below zero and not raise their heads for nearly a week. My stroll in the park yesterday was cut short by an annoyingly gusty wind, blowing snow, and a bone chilling “feels like” temperature. As they say in olden times, “winter has sprung.”

Fortunately, there are plenty of books to keep my busy by the fire and some writing and revising to do and a journal to edit and a book to publish and, of course, a Superb Owl to watch.

Before we get to our little herd of quick hits and varia, do check out two cool new things from The Digital Press. First, on Monday, we published the fourth volume of Epoiesen. Four years ago, Shawn Graham invited The Digital Press to publish a paginated paper version of his digital journal for creative engagement in history and archaeology. It’s always a fun challenge to think about how to create a paper version of a digital text and you can check out volume 4 and the three other volumes here.

The Digital Press also released a sneak peek of their next book: Deserted Villages: Perspectives from the Eastern Mediterranean, edited by Rebecca M. Seifried and Deborah E. Brown Stewart. Go download the introduction and table of contents here.

Finally, it’s almost Mardi Gras

And now onto some quick hits and varia:

IMG 0116

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