Punk Archaeology and the Shit Fireplace (a great way to end 2020)

As a publisher, it’s always nice when a book is recognized by a positive review, prominent citation, or an enthusiastic reader. 

This year we enjoyed an even higher honor:

Shit Fireplace decided to burn a copy of Punk Archaeology in their annual shit fireplace. Shit Fireplace is a collective artists in Regina, Saskatchewan who have produced an annual shit fireplace. Here’s a link to their Facebook page, their YouTube channel, and their Insta (and a link to their Insta video of burning Punk Archaeology).

Here’s this year’s entire Shit Fireplace. It’s perfect viewing for New Year’s Eve!

Punk Archaeology was the first book published by The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota and it is available as a paperback and as a free digital download. The book itself brings together the papers at a small and riotously informal conference held in Fargo in 2014. It also includes a number of essays written by myself and Kostis Kourelis on the Punk Archaeology blog.

Aaron Barth decided at some point, a few years ago, that Shit Fireplace needed to burn a copy of Punk Archaeology and somehow made it happen. There’s something about the materiality of the shit fireplace and the materiality of a paper book on punk archaeology that makes it a perfect combination. The intersection of materiality, consumer culture, and those terrible holiday fireplace videos offers an almost boundless canvass for social commentary especially in 2020.  

More than that, it seems like this project is a good time. You can watch their director’s commentary here, which I’ve helpfully cued to the burnin of the Punk Archaeology.

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