Epoiesen 4 is Almost Here

This weekend, I spent some time typesetting the fourth volume of Epoiesen. Epoiesen is a journal for “creative engagement in history and archaeology” edited by Shawn Graham and published by Carleton University in Ottawa. While the journal itself appears digitally when content is ready, The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota publishes a paper version each winter that collects all the content that has appeared in the year as single PDF or print-on-demand volume. 

In past issues, there have been some challenging page design issues, but this year’s volume has been pretty straight forward. The only thing that I did was pull apart some of the .gifs and prepare some screen-capture sequences in the place of videos. 

Epoiesen4 Video Given

Epoiesen4 Video Dombrowski

The volume is pretty great with thoughtful and provocative pieces by Michael Given and Erin Thompson and productive responses. It’s rare that I say this about a journal, but I wish there was more material in this issue. So, if you have a creative project that might not work in a traditional publication, send it to Epoiesen

Shawn was lucky enough to get Marcelo Vitores to give us permission to use his piece on the cover of the volume.

Cover Epoiesen4 6X9

Finally, I had planned to send along an article to Epoiesen by the end of the year, but I’m increasingly feeling like this might not happen (but we’ll see, there are at least four days left this year, right?). Typesetting the fine content from last year, however, has only made me more enthusiastic about contributing something in the next few weeks! 

Stay tuned for the download link and the paperback 

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