Friday Varia and Quick Hits

Fall has sprung here on the Northern Plains with temperatures in the mid-60s and the trees just starting to show their autumnal plumage. The dogs love the mild temperature and are ready for longer walks and more vigorous games of ram- and rope-ball (Milo is the undisputed world champion in both disciplines, and also the only one who knows the rules). 

Yesterday was also a rare “North American Sports Equinox” when the MLB, NBA, Professional Ice Hockeying League (PIHL?), NFL, and even college football as well as tennis, golf, and even Major League Soccering having games on the same day. This weekend, this continues with NASCAR, F1, and England-Australia one-day cricket. 

I have more important things to announce this week, though. Our friends at The Digital Press are very happy to announce that Midtown Scholars Books in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is now carrying One Hundred Voices: Harrisburg’s Historic African American Community, 1850-1920 and the proceeds from these sales will go to support the upkeep of the new Commonwealth Monument in Harrisburg. The book is $10. Go buy a copy and support a great cause.

With all this going on, we all might be too busy for quick hits and varia, but here’s a little list: 

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