Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s a quiet and early Friday morning here in North Dakotaland amid the “frog days” of summer. We’re expecting some gentle rain tonight over the weekend to soften the transition from the summer to fall. Despite all the uncertainty facing our return to the classroom, the state of the nation, and a tangle web of half-finished (and likely half-baked!) projects, the first signs of fall are a welcome reminder that things will happen no matter what we do. It’s comforting.

This weekend offers plenty of things to do in the rain from Formula 1 racing to baseball, the NBA, and the NASCAR guys. Jamal James returns to the boxing ring for a shot at the WBA interim welterweight title. James is from Minneapolis and has been outspoken regarding both the George Floyd’s death and the protests that shook the city. It’ll be good to see him do well. 

I hope you all can find ways to enjoy the waning days of summer even as uncertainty and tragedy abound. Perhaps some quick hits and varia can offer a nice start to your weekend:

IMG 5246

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