Friday Varia and Quick Hits

In part of the Christian world, today is Good Friday which is both somber and full of hope. It seems like this year with floods, economic catastrophe, The COVIDs, and the constant roil of toxic politics, the idea of Good Friday resonates more than in the past. If you’re feeling it, Bach’s St. John Passion is going to stream live from Leipzig (a bit about it here).

There plenty to pull us toward the past right now. Wisden named Ben Stokes its leading cricketer of the world, and Oscar De La Hoya still defeats Ike Quartey. Or this.

It’s tempting not to think about the future, but remember that many of our cultural and arts organization need our support now more than ever. If you can, buy a book from a small press (I suggest something from my friends at NDSU Press, or from a small book store like Zandbroz in Fargo or Ferguson in Grand Forks), give to a museum (like the North Dakota Museum of Art or the Plains Art Museum), support a local arts organization (like the Grand Forks Chorales), or subscribe to a little magazine (check out North Dakota Quarterly or Ploughshares at 50)


And here’s a little gaggle of quick hits and varia:

IMG 4913

IMG 4918

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