North Dakota Quarterly 87.1/2 is off to the printer!

And, it makes sense to celebrate with some short fiction which I’ve posted over on the NDQ page. Go and read it here. The story is by Terry Toma and something about it captures my mood (or maybe even the national mood).  

It feels a bit strange to manage a deadline during times like this. It goes without saying that it would not have been possible without the support of my editors, the editorial board, and our publishing partners at the University of Nebraska Press. The 60+ contributors to the issue with unfailing prompt with my little queries. I found it amazingly touching that they never failed to inquire about the health and safety of me, my family, and the NDQ community.

It’s hard to know how to proceed when day-to-day life is punctuated by the kinds of tragedies that make almost anything beyond reflection or mourning seem selfish. So maybe writing and publishing at times like this is irresponsible or tone deaf. 

Or maybe it’s a way to cope and try to wrestle some control of a world where our lives and health seems to be in the hands of a barely animate bundle of protein and the vicissitudes of the global economic system. It’s notable that NDQ has seen its daily submission rate nearly double since March 9th.

For whatever it’s worth, support your local arts community, support local businesses, and maybe now is a good time to subscribe to that little magazine that you’ve always enjoyed (maybe even NDQ!), to buy a book from a small press (like our friends at NDSU Press!), to make a donation to a local arts organization that makes your life better (like the Grand Forks Chorales!) or to support your favorite museum

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