Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s a frigid Friday here in North Dakotaland with temperatures nestling down into the single figures at night. In fact, last night while walking the Bargepole, I actually felt COLD.

Fortunately, I have a gaggle of new books on their way over the weekend and a warm laptop. There’s also some good college football, the NBA getting its early season feet, and a trip to San Diego in a couple of weeks to keep me toasty.

As I weather the adjustment to winter, enjoy a little flock of quick hits and varia:

IMG 4430The Bargepole is sick so he’s conserving this strength.


One Comment

  1. Bill: Hope Bargepole is on recovery! You must be sick with worry. I look forward to your presentation at Dumbarton Oaks next Friday, as well the following week in ASOR San Diego, I hope you can repy to Birgitta Wohl on CAARI attendance poll etc. She emailed me querying that ‘you still are a CAARI board member’ ? To which I said yes…Anyway I enjoy your word press postings and actually have followed up with ordering books you reference (Kyle Harper’s ‘Fate of Rome.’).
    Bryan Wilkins


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