Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s chilly here in North Dakotaland with the first “hard frosts” of the season turning the spongy ground into a wintery crunch. The chilly weather is making it just a bit harder to get out of bed in the morning to make the hard slog down to the comfy chair by the fire and the work blanket and the first cup of coffee. I’m almost looking forward to another winter.

This weekend has plenty to keep us warm from the big Alvarez-Kovalev fight to the Formula 1 boys on U.S. soil. There’s also NFL, NBA, some college footballing to enjoy. Out here at least, we have the last of the leaves to attend, a few good books that are sitting barely touched, a book to finish, and a bunch of little tasks that need doing.

It should be a good weekend, filled with left-over Halloween candy, and to share my bounty, here are so quick hits and varia:

IMG 4425

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