Friday Varia and Quick Hits

Another fall weekend is almost here and an obliging wind storm earlier in the week removed most of the leaves so that the ever weaker sunlight can warm us just a tiny bit more. Today, highs will be kissing 50 and maybe a little higher on the weekend. Just in time for one last garden clean up, a short run, and some lazy walks with the Bargepole Brothers.

The Aussies are playing some T20 cricket against Sri Lanka to get the summer international season underway, Shakur Stevenson fights for his first title on Saturday night, and the Formula 1 guys are in Mexico to christen Lewis Hamilton champion yet again. The NBA season has started as well, with the Sixers making their start as the Eagles bow out of their latest effort to make the playoffs.

I have plenty of odds and ends to take care of this weekend. Books to read, books to make, articles to finish, and the usual scurrying around at mid semester. 

While I scurry, enjoy some quick hits and varia:

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