Friday Varia and Quick Hits

Low, grey skies set off the changing colors of the leaves this time of year in North Dakotaland. It’s fall. There’s football on TV and the daily struggle to decide whether to break out the sweaters or not. Cricket and Formula 1 are gearing up warmer places, and, at the same time, it’s the sweet middle of the semester when I feel like I’m in my groove and the students are not quite overextended.

(As a cricket related aside, I watched a good bit of Alistair Cook’s final innings for England and thorough enjoyed it. That he left the game the way that he arrived is great to see and I can’t help but wonder whether with his retirement, we’ve witnessed the end of the era of deliberate openers in test cricket.)

It’s a great time of year and a nice backdrop for some quick hits and varia:

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