Friday Varia and Quick Hits

I’m sure that spring is right around the corner, but it’s still cold today in North Dakotaland. At least, it isn’t snowing; so there’s that.

This weekend is one of the best sports weekends on the calendar, with Formula 1, the Indian Premier League in Cricket, the home stretch of the NBA season, and Major League Baseball hitting its stride. What makes it better is that I have some light duty writing to do, but almost nothing else planned. I’m looking forward to moving very little from my spot by the fire until real spring arrives.

I posted the last two days about the Wesley College Documentation Project, and luck would have it that one of the coolest finds of the project appeared mid-morning on Thursday. Doing a walk through of the building with our contact in UND Facilities, we found a hand lettered sign announcing a BIG rally for two Democratic candidates for congress: Henry Holt and W. D. Lynch. Holt and Lynch ran in 1934. The sign had slipped behind a commemorative metal plaque at the south entrance of Robertson Hall and hid there until the plaque was removed this spring.

IMG 1191

A keen-eyed student noticed the very small lettering at the bottom of the sign:

IMG 4244

That’s the signature of [Col.] Eugene Myers who not only (literally) wrote the book on hand lettering, but goes on to be a significant donor to the University of North Dakota and Columbia’s Teachers College where he studied with Edwin Ziegfeld.

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