Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s Super Bowl weekend here, so I’m going to immerse myself in my ongoing projects, pointless and self-destructive exercise, and books, so that I can avoid thinking about it until the last moment. Then I’ll turn the television on and watch my Eagles.OldChuchCoverFINAL2PUBDIGITALCOVER-01.jpg

If you’re not as beholden to the big game, I’d encourage you to wander over to The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota and download (or buy!) our latest book: Chris Price’s The Old Church on Walnut Street: A Story of Immigrants and Evangelicals. Here’s the story of that book.

If old churches aren’t your thing (which would be super weird), you can also go and check out these quick hits and varia:

IMG 1673Argie Guards the Guards.

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