Friday Quick Hits and Varia

Winter’s stumbling start here in North Dakotaland has left a good bit of mud between the patches of snow and results in muddy paw prints throughout the house. It’s still chilly enough though to hunker down inside this weekend to watch Ohio State play Wisconsin for the Big10 Championship, to watch the first session of the Day/Night Ashes’ Test in Adelaide, and to catch the Eagles on Sunday Night Football.

Amid all the football watching, I have a stack of grading, an article to finish, an abstract to write for a book, a book invitation to contemplate, and a stack of grant proposals. 

IMG 1420

Plus 23,000 volumes of North Dakota Quarterly to put in boxes.

There really is nothing like the end of the semester to make me feel alive!

I hope this little gaggle of quick hits and varia contribute to the liveliness of your weekend!

IMG 1413

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