#CyberMonday Extravaganza: Buy Less and Read More!

As an archaeologist, I love things, stuff, and objects. I like buying things, I like having things, and I even like giving things away and sharing things. But I have to admit that Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and the entire orgy of consumerism that saturates Christmastime) gets on my nerves. 

As a respite to this, my two little publishing ventures – North Dakota Quarterly and The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota – are giving things away. 

From North Dakota Quarterly, you can grab a collection of Tsotsil Maya poetry translated by my old friend Paul Worley, who is a leading member of the UND diaspora. The poetry is evocative and performative and lovely. The digital book evokes the independent publishing tradition of libro cartonero with their vivid, but low cost cardboard cover. 

Worley Maya Cover

Paul talks about the work here and you can download the work here. I’ve called it an NDQ Supplement, and it’s available under a CC-By 4.0 license.

Over at The Digital Press, we’re announcing the release of Elwyn Robinson’s History of North Dakota as a free download. This is a collaboration with the Northern Plains Heritage Foundation and the Chester Fritz Library at the University of North Dakota

History of north dakota cover

My hope is that this is part of a few Robinson related projects. Last year, North Dakota Quarterly solicited a little gaggle of Robinson related essays and the appearance of his History of North Dakota as a free download has inspired me to return once again to his memoirs. Rather than trying to publish the entire 150,000 word manuscript, which has run into endless road blocks and false starts, I think I might just publish the chapters associated with the production of The History

I’ve also produced a post at The Digital Press that reminds anyone who is interested of our recent catalogue of books. Lots of good, free downloads for #CyberMonday. Buy less, read more.

And, if you do need to buy something, go and pre-order The Beast!

Thebeast cover  1

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