Friday Varia

I’m on the road to Bismarck and the State Historic Preservation Board meeting today, so only a few varia (and no quick hits!). Hopefully they’re all fun!

First, The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota published the Corinth Excavations Archaeological Manual yesterday. Check it out here.

Second, I get quoted in an article by Kritika Agarwal in Perspectives on History, a regular publication from the American Historical Association, and managed to name drop North Dakota Quarterly. I talk a bit about slow, slow archaeology, and suggest: “If any discipline is likely to produce the Slow alternative to the corporate university, it’s likely to come out of history, the humanities, or the fine arts.” It’s fun, sometimes, to remember that I’m a historian!

Finally, today is Argie the Bargepole’s Birthday. I have a plan this summer to tell his entire story, but, for those who don’t know…

IMG 5251

He’s the small dog that was left on our graduate students’ doorstep last summer on the Western Argolid Regional Project. After a summer of fun with our students and staff, it was looking a bit grim for him because all of the many offers to adopt him had fallen through. Since the project already had a reputation for saving malingering street mutts, we knew that we had to do something. So I agreed to take him back to the U.S.

IMG 5263

Needless to say, he’s fit into our clan perfectly. We great him each the morning with a hearty “HELLO THE BARGEPOLE” and he goes about his very busy days with a mostly unintelligible sense of purpose.

IMG 0537

Needless to say, he makes our lives better. Happy Bargeday, to Argie the Bargepole.

IMG 5153

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