A Very Quick Friday

I’m on the road to Bismarck today (or Bizmarque as it is called in these parts), so just a few lines this morning. 

Do check out the North Dakota Humanities Council page for some new content (including a podcast!) and a new opportunity to support the humanities. Remember that whatever happens to national funding for the humanities (and it should be a real concern), the humanities always begins at home. All humanities are local!

For those still feeling agitated, check out the series at Cultural Anthropology on The Rise of Trumpism

A lot of people checked out my post on academia.edu, which was gratifying and unexpected, I only wish it was a better post. The more I’ve played with Humanities Commons, the more I really like the interface and the options in their CORE repository. I think it could be a viable alternative to academia.edu. Check out my account there.

I’ll probably listen to the Cloud Nothings new album Life Without Sound on the drive out to Bizmarque if Ty Segall’s new album is available, I’ll listen to that too.

Eric Burin’s Picking the President: Understanding the Electoral College from The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota looks pretty good in paper. It should be available by the middle of next week! It should be $8.

IMG 0418


  1. It’s Cultural Anthropology, not Current Anthropology. I make that mistake all the time.


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