1. It’s not the first snow, but the last snow that gets us!


      1. True, but the snow isn’t the worst. It is the wind. Walking back from the Riviera bar to campus at night was to risk ones life. My Brother Joe always said that a ND blizzard was a quarter inch of snow blowing all over the state. (With a few notable exceptions. There was the year – probably sometime in the eighties – that his house on 9th Ave. North was snowed in up to the second floor.) The worst winter I experienced in North Dakotaland was the year that it didn’t snow even once. Since the farmers plowed in the fall we had dirt (not even lovely snirt) blowing all winter. I would come in after walking from Joe’s and run my head under a faucet before classes but not be able to get all of it out of my hair. I had hair those days. Enjoy Thanksgiving.

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