The Digital Press is Growing Up

One of the most rewarding parts of my job lately is bringing academic publishing back to the University of North Dakota. This morning, I submitted the first advertisement for books by The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota. It’ll appear on the inside cover of the academic program for this fall’s American Schools of Oriental Research annual meeting and will promote our newest title which should arrive in a few weeks: Erin Walcek Averett, Jody Michael Gordon, and Derek B. Counts, Mobilizing the Past: The Potential of Digital Archaeology.

To be completely honest, I find it a little depressing to pay to advertise for my press. I guess I had naively hoped that the social media energy behind each title would provide a kind of de-centered targeting advertising. But at the same time, it is exciting to be able to respond to the concerns of my authors and to provide the best opportunity to get their work to the largest possible audience. Fortunately, I also had financial support from my authors and advice from volunteers as well as professional graphic designers, and a good bit of patience from everyone involved. The advertisement will also lead to a rejiggering of The Digital Press homepage to advertise our three archaeology related titles.

I feel bit bad not including K. J. Skarstein’s War with the Sioux on this page, but I reckon it was a bit too far a field for ASOR. To make up for it, I’m very pleased to announce that our little press has moved over 1000 copies of this title (750+ downloads and 200+ in sales). If you haven’t downloaded and enjoyed this title, you should do it now!

Digital Press Ad ASOR 2016 01

When I first started this project, my good friend and co-conspirator Bret Weber encouraged me to do more research into how presses actually functioned. I still think that this was great advice and as our catalogue of book creeps inexorably to the double digits (heady times for a one-man show!) and I’m getting more pressure and expectations from my authors, I might have to actually do something about it. Putting together a book and distributing it digitally is one thing, figuring out how to make these processes sustainable and to expand our reach is another. Stay tuned for more from The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota.

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