Friday Quick Hits and Varia

After the slow blogging week, here’s a little gaggle of quick hits and varia on an early Saturday morning here in Polis, Cyprus.

First, I’d be remiss not to link to Scott Moore’s ongoing review series on exotic potato chips here on Cyprus. It’s an institution.

Brett Ommen is much smarter than I am, and his review of my idea for an Outrage Summit is really smart and subtle. Read it. (And for more on my Outrage Summit… go here).

Dimitri Nakassis has written some great little essays on his blog. If you haven’t read his piece on Athens, do it now. And then read his little piece against the universal museum.

Check out this disarming and clever short story by Janet Sarbanes on the North Dakota Quarterly website.

On the chapbook. I want to get into publishing chapbooks.

NPR on becoming a slow professor. I’ve posted on this book here and here.

Grad School has always sucked.

The new Radiohead album is pretty good.

IMG 4598

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