Adventures in Podcasting with a very, very special guest: Caraheard Season 2, Episode 3

Richard and I were excited to get our old friend and regular listener Dimitri Nakassis on the Caraheard podcast this past week. He was a good sport and talked with us for well over an hour about his research and Late Bronze Age Greece.

  • We began by teasing Dimitri (and me) about some of our famous car failures, including this epic accident (no one was hurt).
Car crash

Did we mention that Dimitri just won this amazing award?

One Comment

  1. I listened to this whole thing. ..Dear God, it was like being back at Rooms Marinos trying to figure out how the hell we were going to transport 35 people to the field in five cars. And of course what we were going to do to keep Caraher amused. Or which of Richard’s students had gone AWOL this week. Just kidding, I really enjoyed the program and because I am a masochist I will listen to the other episodes.


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