Layout and Design Question

I’m beginning to play around with laying out a group of articles from North Dakota Quarterly on World War I. I’m committed to using Doves Type for all sorts of reasons ranging from the peaceful name to the vintage feel and the story, of course, of its rediscovery.  

At the same time, I’m trying figure out how best to lay out the page. Doves lacks italics or bolds, so everything has to be done with the text itself (and, say, small caps). I like that as a challenge and find that it is a fairly easy limit to overcome.

Below are a few page mock ups.

Larger (12 pt font) and in a single text block:

Libby Text Fixed

Libby Text Fixed2

Or in columns with a smaller, slightly denser font spacing?

1 Libby1 Libby2

3 Davies3 Davies2

Any feedback would be great!


  1. If this is for a printed version, use the two columns only if folio size is selected.


  2. Single-column looks really good.

    If you set the paper title like shown in the samples, be careful with faux small caps (as Doves doesn’t seem to have true small caps): it may look good also in all-caps of the same size, with a slightly wider letter spacing. Also, if you haven’t seen it already, Butterick’s Practical Typography was very helpful for me


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