Go Quickly and Support Peter the Slug

Over the past few years, I’ve had a chance to shine some light on cool crowdfunded projects from my friends and colleagues. I want to take a few minutes to do that again.

My buddy Peter Schultz has posted a Kickstarter to support his latest venture, a children’s book called Peter the Slug. Go check it out now and give it a few bucks.

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Peter was one of the guys who inspired me to start The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota and is doing all he can to prove that persistent little slugs can find unique ways to compete in a world increasingly dominated by big corporations built for predictable performances and prodigious profits. Peter’s slug, like Peter, the man, does things his own way and figures out how to compete and innovate. That alone makes him deserving of your support. So go now and give his hard, innovative work a bit of support.

Making Peter and his slug’s work all the sweater is his decision to take on the parasitic practices of profitable publishing by developing his own creative material, producing high quality products, and building a community willing to support his efforts. Creative work is never free, but this does not mean we have to embrace practices associated with traditional publishing to ensure that authors, artists, and editors receive compensation for their work. Peter’s use of Kickstarter is one approach to this challenge. He’s making the book available for free, but offering some elegant bonuses for his supporters. 

So, let’s give a big cheer for both the slug and Peter’s relentless creativity! And go drop a few dollars to support this project even if you don’t love the slug or have kids. Support the idea and the approach and the willingness to try a new, better way. 

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