The Fleas

The photo below might look like an ordinary enough farm house. In fact, the house and its neighboring farm yard are filled with FLEAS.

IMG 3336

For those of us who visited this interesting, multiphase building this morning, the fleas were more than a passing curiosity, but a profound annoyance.

We got covered in fleas. They got on our pants, on our shoes, on our shirts, then into our shirts, shoes, and pants. This situation quickly devolved into panic. First we tried to get the fleas off of our body in the field around the house. Then we realized that this was where the fleas were coming from and jumped in the car and raced off. But then we had fleas in the car and on our bodies. So we stopped at a nearby rural church and commenced a more thorough inspection and flea removal operation. Then we headed to our storeroom/laboratory for a quick vacuuming of our body and then the car keeping a safe distance from Holly Dog, the project directors’ beloved pooch.

The clothes went into the wash and I took a hot soapy shower and so far, aside from a few flea bites, we seem to have survived the flea attack no worse for wear. 

The worst part now is the fantom fleas that continue to jump around my body, inflicting imagined bites.

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