A Review of Butrint 4

Yesterday, I reviewed some of the larger projects that I’m working on and emphasized that I didn’t really need to finish all of them to feel accomplished on sabbatical. There are a handful of projects with pressing deadlines (or long overdue deadlines) that had to happen before I left. 

For example, I am the author for the Working Group in Digital and New Media’s section of the SOAR survey. This is dreadful, bureaucratized, drivel, but it has to happen before I leave for the Eastern Mediterranean.

I have also agreed to turn my paper on slow archaeology for the publication of the Mobilizing the Past conference and this paper is due August 15 thanks to some impossibly ambitious deadlines set by the publisher.

I’d like to have a book laid out by then so my authors could review galley proofs at their leisure over the summer. I’m not too optimistic about that (too many moving parts), but it is possible (if just barely).

Finally, I had a very overdue book review of I. L. Hansen; R. Hodges; S. Leppard eds., Butrint 4: The Archaeologies and Histories of an Ionian Town. (Oxbow 2013) that was sitting almost complete on my computer’s hard drive. I first posted my thoughts on this volume here back in August of 2013 (yikes!), but now can offer my completed review:

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