Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It feels like a month since I offered some Friday Varia and Quick Hits! I’m heading out to the Bakken in a couple hours, but before I hit the road with a few CDs, my notebook, camera, and my truck, I felt the inexorable draw of my laptop and the blog.

If you happen to be in Western North Dakota this weekend, be sure to check out the Man Camp Dialogue event in Killdeer, Dunn County, North Dakota on Sunday from 1-3pm. Richard Rothaus (NDUS and Caraheard podcast), Emily Guerin (Inside Energy), Aaron Barth (NDSU/Ft. Lincoln Foundation), and Tom Isern (NDSU) will open a dialogue with the folks of Dunn County regarding our research into workforce housing. Here’s the link to more information.

For anyone not able to make it to Killdeer, but itching for more Richard and Bill, check out our podcasts which are now live on the iTunes, on the Soundcloud, and include show notes posted here and here.

IMG 2947Susie told me that I’m part wolf. Why are you saying otherwise?

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