Adventures in Podcasting 2

Richard Rothaus and I got a nice trickle of positive feedback on our first podcast, so we decided to do another. 

As you’ll hear, we’re still trying to get the medium sorted out and things like pushing the record button seem to demand a kind of attention to detail that is pretty hard to muster (sometimes), but we somehow managed to produce another episode of the Caraheard podcast.

This episode was prompted by a tweet made by Scott Moore in his guise as the official @MobileArc15 Mobilizing the Past for a Digital Future Conference tweeter.


We have a few little show notes today to enhance your listening:

For a bit more on the Dycam Digital Camera go here.

Here’s a link to the Brandon Olson, Jody Gordon, Curtis Runnels, and Steve Chomyszak article in the Journal of Lithic Technology 39 (2014) on 3D-printed lithic reproductions. For a shorter, free summary of this article, download our short edited book: Visions of Substance: 3D Imaging in Mediterranean Archaeology

For some information on XRF go here.

And for some details on the famous Orb Drive, read this.

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