From North Dakota Quarterly on Slow and Peace

Today (let’s hope!), the issue of North Dakota Quarterly that I co-edited with Rebecca Rozelle-Stone should arrive back from the printers. Readers of this blog know of my recent fascination with the Slow Movement, and have likely read a pre-print of my contribution to the issue here

I was pretty pleased with the content of the issue, and you can read the introduction that I co-authored here:


This weekend I also played around with creating a series of reprints of public domain North Dakota Quarterly content. I decided to focus on 1915 and 1916, thinking that I could package some of the currently interesting content from these years as a “100 years ago” kind of thing. To make it all the more authentic (and to indulge my interest in Slow), I set the first reprint in the famous Doves Type and grabbed the cover art from a 1917 World War I poster digitized by the Library of Congress and called Forward America!

Libby Book Cover

All my readers should subscribe (today!) to the North Dakota Quarterly. It has only as much to do with North Dakota as you want and the fiction, essays, and poetry are absolutely first rate. Go here to subscribe.

I think it looks pretty good considering I have no graphic design, print making, or type setting experience:

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