Adventures in Podcasting, Radio, and Dramatic Readings

This is a pretty exciting day at Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Headquarters. 

My colleague, Richard Rothaus and I are pleased to release the first episode of our new podcasting adventure:

We are both pretty happy with the results, although we’ll certainly refine the sound quality and the flow of our banter a bit as we move forward. The current plan is to release a few podcasts a month and once we have a little gaggle of them, we’ll push them to iTunes and some other services. 

Here are the show notes from our first podcast:

Bill’s Blog:
Richard’s Blog: and

Timothy Gregory: 
Ohio State Excavations at Isthmia: 
Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey (EKAS):

Mt. Oneion in the Corinthia:

Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Project:
Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project:

Kostis Kourelis, “Byzantium and the Avant-Garde: Excavations at Corinth, 1920s-1930s”:

But wait, there’s more!

Bret Weber, Richard Rothaus, and I got some great press coverage by Emily Guerin from Inside Energy. We really happy with how this sounded. I’m a bit embarrassed about how excited I got when we pulled into one of our favorite workforce housing sites:

And because you read this blog regularly, you are eligible for a very special bonus track! 

Yesterday, my buddy Dimitri Nakassis posted a link to a brilliantly bizarre blog post that compared the Archaeological Institute of America (aka Archaeology in America) to the Islamic State. The post was so remarkable that I decided to perform a dramatic reading. I don’t do this very often, folks. What’s better is that this dramatic reading will be part of a (only slightly) larger project conjured by Andrew Reinhard. It’s going to be epic. You can download my reading of this post for a limited time here.

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