Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s the time of year in North Dakotaland when you realize that you haven’t left the house for days and have begun to confuse the meager light of the full moon and the sun. My motivation levels are so low that I’ve begun to finish lingering book reviews just to do something. Long term research projects are just too existentially taxing. When I way poetic (which is rare), I call this the North Dakota Midwinter Acedia. Most of the time, I just wish it wasn’t so frigging cold outside.

Despite the malaise, I have managed, in an endearingly half-hearted way, to assemble a little gaggle of varia and quick hits:

IMG 2744Let’s just agree that it is difficult to know what exactly happened here. 


  1. Marilyn Johnson January 9, 2015 at 9:56 am

    ha — you are the most energetic person, even midst-malaise! I’m sorry I will miss you in New Orleans. (I won’t be there, but apparently some of my postcards will.) Have a great presentation! Marilyn

    Lives in Ruins


  2. I will just say that Jim Harbaugh was mentioned in the introduction to our paper. So was Ohio State’s place in the National Championship Game. BIG TENNNNNNN


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