Update on The Digital Press: Booming Bakken and 3D Archaeology

The post-Punk Archaeology months have been relentlessly busy here at The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota, but now things have advanced enough to communicate an unofficial update on various projects.

We now have a full group of contributors to the Bakken Goes Boom book project and have prepared the book to send out for peer review. The line-up might change a bit here and there, but this what the table of contents looks like right now.



Heidi Czerwiec


Booms, Busts, and the Bakken
K. Conway and W. Caraher


The Paradox of Plenty: Blessings and Curses in the Oil Patch
Karin L. Becker

Revisited Frontiers: The Bakken, the Plains, Potential Futures, and Real Pasts
Sebastian Braun

Unpackaging Boomtown Tropes: Insider/Outsider Dynamics in North Dakota’s Oil Patch
Ann Reed

Booms and Busts: Haunting Memories in the North Dakota Oil Boom
Joshua E. Young


Public Discourse on the Rise and Regulation of the Illicit Sex Trade During North Dakota’s Economic Booms
Nikki Berg Burin 

Oil Booms and Babies! Birth and Women’s Health Professionals Explain the Challenges of Western North Dakota’s Oil Boom
Heather Jackson

Doctors Wanted: How the Bakken Changed North Dakota Health Care Delivery
Jessica Sobolik

Nowhere to Run: How the Bakken Oil Boom Further Endangers Domestic Violence Survivors
Laura Tally


Covering the Boomtown: How Mediated Communication Has Shaped Life in the Bakken Oil Region
Angela Cary

The Media Goes Boom
Amy Dalrymple

Cowboy Logic, For the Drill
Ryan Taylor

BAKKEN BOOM! Artists Respond to the North Dakota Oil Rush
Rebecca A. Dunham

Photographing the Bakken
Kyle Cassidy


Notes from the Global Hinterlands: What It Feels Like to Be Global In North Dakota
Kyle Conway

Extractive Industries and Temporary Housing Policies: Man Camps in North Dakota’s Oil Patch
Bret Weber
Carenlee Barkdull

100 Miles of Wild: North Dakota Badlands Transect
Richard Rothaus, North Dakota University System
Simon Donato, Adventure Science
Melissa Rae Stewart, Adventure Science

The Archaeology of Man-Camps: Contingency, Periphery, and Late Capitalism
William Caraher  



I am also putting the final touches on the layout of the 3D Thursday book which we’re calling Visions of Substance. This was delayed as the press reorganized its staffing, but the book will appear and soon. What’s prompted this is tips from quite a few colleagues letting me know that articles from the blog are appearing in bibliographies. In the interest in creating a more archival and persistent citation for our contributors. So, progress is slow but steady and hopefully by the holidays, we’ll have a completed manuscript.

We’ve started looking at some cover designs as well. These are both just concepts, but I like the second option much more.




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