Atari Auction Update

A few days ago, I promised an update to the ongoing Ebay auction of Atari games excavated from the Alamogordo landfill last spring.

Check out Andrew Reinhard’s and Raiford Guin’s very recent blog posts on this event to get a better sense of what’s going on. You can read mine too, I mean, if you haven’t already.

So far, the highest bigs are on ET games in their original boxes which top out at close to $650. You can check out the auction here. One thing my fellow Atari archaeologists have been pondering is whether there’s a good way to scrape bid history from Ebay into a spreadsheet. Can anyone help with this?

Please don’t bid against me!

I’ve also been amazed to witness the conflation of punk archaeology and our participation in the landfill excavation in Alamogordo. The highlight of this has to be the appearance of our lovely visages at Vigamus video game museum in Rome. 


Stay tuned for more on this!

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