More on the A Tourist Guide to the Bakken Oil Patch

Last week, I published the first installment of my Tourist Guide to the Bakken Oil Patch. It was mostly introductory matter and rough conclusion. This week, I’ll begin to roll out the actual itinerary with the various routes.

Taking some advice from my readers, I’ve included a return to introduction and table of contents button to make navigating the guide easier. I also appreciate everyone who took some time to notice that use too many adverbs. This is my top, stylistic editing priority as I get this cleaned up for submission. I know that I need maps and hope to have those done by the end of the month. I’d also welcome any comments regarding the content of my guide! I know at least a few of my readers have spent more time in western North Dakota than I have. 

The only mechanical issues I’ve experienced using Medium to serialize this is that for some readers (and some browsers?) the paragraph level commenting does not seem to work. I’d love some feedback on that.

Here’s the full table of contents. The titles in bold and new additions to the Guide this week.

I. Introduction

I.1. A Brief Industrial History of the Bakken Counties
I.2. Practical Notes on Travel, Roads, and Weather in the Bakken
I.3. Technical Notes and Key Terms about the Bakken
I.4. Controversies and Concerns
I.5. The North Dakota Man Camp Project
I.6. Further Reading

II. Route 1: Minot to Ross
II1. Route 1a: Ross to White Earth

III. Route 2: Ross to Tioga

IV: Route 3: Tioga to Williston
IV.1. Route 3a: Wheelock, Nession Flats, East Williston
IV.1. Route 3b: Wildrose

V: Route 4: Williston to Watford City

VI: Route 5: Williston to Sidney, MT

VII: Route 6: Watford City to New Town

VIII. Conclusions: Industrial Tourism and Some Theoretical Reflections

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