Friday Varia and Quick Hits

It’s getting less warm here in North Dakotaland under clear fall skies. So far most of our trees have their leaves so we have a couple of more weeks before the brief window opens for fall colors. I’ll provide a report from out west next Friday.

This week has been fun at the Archaeology of the Mediterranean World headquarters. I formally made the leap from blogger to publisher with the release of Punk Archaeology. (It actually involved me leaping less than other people throwing me forward through the process of preparing a manuscript!).

It is FREE.

So far, we’ve had 585 downloads from my blog alone and another 380 from Scribd. There have also been a bunch of downloads from people posting links to the file from Twitter and Facebook. The massive national humanities councils network also Tweeted links and the North Dakota Humanities Council sent out the link to the download page in their monthly presser. I’m giving them credit for another 400 downloads, based on nothing other than my overwhelming desire to say we’ve been downloaded 1000 times. Our Punk Archaeology Facebook page has had about 65 more likes over this same time thanks to Aaron Barth.

The book is now available in paper from Amazon. Be the first to buy a paper copy. If you want a copy of the book in epub format, drop me a line in comments. I’m Kindlizing the manuscript even as we speak. If you like the book, go and write a nice review on the comments section. If you think this project is worst kind of self-aggrandizing poppycock, you should say that too. Finally, if you want a paper copy but don’t want to pay $28.50, I can fax it to you.

Enough of that, here are some quick hits and varia:

IMG 2107Heroic in Black and White 

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