Slow Archaeology Draft

The past two or three weeks have been dedicated to working on a draft of my slow archaeology essay for an issue of North Dakota Quarterly that I am co-editing. The paper isn’t due until October 1st, but this is my first attempt at “creative non-fiction” writing for publication. I haven’t added citations yet, and I think I’ll rework the second part of my introduction to lead the reader a bit more to the third section of the paper, but this is core of what I’d like to argue.

As readers of this blog know, I’ve been working my way through these ideas for about a year now, and they certainly relate to the ideas of craft and archaeology that I’m seeing discussed by many of my colleagues. Hopefully this short essay adds some context to my perspective on these issues.

As with all of my working drafts, I’d love to get feedback on this from anyone (and everyone).  

If the paper doesn’t show up below this sentence (and I’m having some issues with Scribd, WordPress, and Chrome lately), just click here.


One Comment

  1. Loved it. Clear. Readable. Aside from your intended audience it would make a great chapter somewhere to provide an introduction and context for non specialists like me.


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