Friday Varia and Quick Hits

One month into my sabbatical, I find it is slowly slipping away without much of anything happening. For some reason I assumed that having a year free from teaching would instantly produce an unprecedented outburst of productivity. So far, it’s mostly produced anxiety about my lack of productivity. Only ten more months left, so pressure’s on.

Before I go on with my typical list of gewgaws and links, I do want to direct some attention to a benefit event being held to help out my youngest brother. He’s the creative one in the family and he’s fallen on some tough times. Over the past decade, Fritz has worked to coordinate charity events and benefits in the Ft. Myers area. Now, some of his friends are putting together a benefit concert to help with his mounting medical bills. That’s right, we have Fritz Aid. Let’s do this.

While I fret about all the things that need to happen today, you should take this opportunity to relax and enjoy some quick hits and varia.

IMG 1807

The Mighty Milo in Repose
Blurred for Effect. 


  1. Ordered How Forests Think. I frequently order books you mention & I’ve liked every one.


  2. Diana,

    Thanks!! It’s a fascinating look at agency and non-human actors.



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