Photo Friday on the Western Argolid Regional Project

After another week of the Western Argolid Regional Project, I’m once again prompted to ask whether this is over yet. This isn’t to suggest that I’m not having fun, but to say that this has already been a long field season!

But we’re hard at work. As you can see, Scott Gallimore, one of the directors, is hard at work documenting the upper reaches of our survey area on Mt. Braimi south of Lyrkeia.


This one is from one of our team leaders, Machal Gradoz. Her field team is lined up in a field of wheat:


A selfie of myself in the reflection of water in a cistern: 


Red fruit crates in a green apricot grove:


A less welcoming sign hanging from an olive tree:


The Argive Heraion is one of the top three sites in Greece for the clarity of the archaeological remains, the archaeological (and political) questions it has inspired, and, above all, the view:



Dawn on the way to the survey area. It almost makes that 5 am alarm sound sweet:

IMG 1626

The walk to dinner last night:

IMG 1638

My after dinner constitutional:

IMG 1642

IMG 1639

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